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2 Easy Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For All Your Skincare And Hair Care Problems

Apple cider vinegar is not only a great way to keep your body healthy, but it is also one of the best ingredients to improve the health of your skin and hair. ACV is loaded with acetic acid and AHAs that help exfoliate the skin and keep blackheads away. It also balances the pH balance of the skin which in turn helps in dealing with problems like acne and dandruff. However, due to its acidic background, it can be a bit harsh on your skin and scalp, so be sure to do a patch test before using it.

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When the monsoon approaches and the moisture is gone, it is inevitable that the head itch. This is because sweat and moisture make parts of the scalp moist which attracts fungus and bacteria. Using an ACV rinse will not only help you combat the effects of these bacteria but will also help in balancing the pH level of the scalp. If you are someone who is prone to dandruff, ACV can help you keep it away. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of ACV with a mug of water and run it through your hair as a rinse. Leave it for 5 minutes and remove it with the help of cold water, it will not only keep your scalp healthy but will also condition your hair.


A lot of acne is caused by the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in your pores. An easy way to deal with this is to use diluted ACV as a toner. It will also work to balance the pH level of your skin as well as toning and tightening the pores. The anti-inflammatory properties clear away acne and also unclog pores for clear, soft skin.


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