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5 big news from the world: NASA’s third flight on Mars filled with NASA helicopter and Italy imposed ban on Indian passengers

The world extended a helping hand for India

Corona virus has spoiled India’s situation. The shortage of medical salons, especially to protect people from Corona virus infection, has worsened the condition of the country. Thousands of people have died so far due to lack of oxygen, while there is also a shortage of beds and ventilators in hospitals. Given the terrible situation in India, India has started getting help from the international world. Apart from America, Britain, European Union, France and Germany have started helping India. These countries have started supplying oxygen concentrators, PPE kits, vaccines, vaccine raw materials, ventilators to India. Ultimately, the US has agreed to give India the raw material to make the vaccine. After international pressure, America’s NSA Jack Sullivan spoke to Indian NSA Ajit Doval, after which the US has allowed India to provide the raw material for making the vaccine.

Vaccine will be given to people above 18 years of age in India from May 1, so much more vaccine dose is required in India. The US will now send the raw material to make serum vaccine to Serum Institute of India, so that the production of the vaccine can increase. Earlier, the US was constantly ignoring the issue of giving raw materials for vaccine making, let us tell you that former President of America Donald Trump had banned the supply of medical related goods by imposing the Defense Protection Act, which the new President of America Joe Biden also continues. However, when the US started getting heavy gritty in the whole world, then the US has decided to lift the ban.


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