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5 big news of the world: ruthless killing of 5 people of Hindu family in Pak! And NASA’s rover’s first drive to Mars

NASA’s Observance Rover Launches First Test Drive on Mars

US Space Agency NASA’s Persistence Rover ran for 6.5 meters on Mars Earth for the first time on Friday. According to Xinhuake, the expedition lasted for about 33 minutes, pushing the rover forward four meters. Here it again turned to the left at 150 degrees and returned 2.5 meters back to its new temporary parking space. According to NASA, by driving the Persistence Rover on the surface of Mars, scientists wanted to be convinced by examining every aspect of it – subsystem and dynamics. NASA said that once the rover starts its ‘mission’ it is expected to run regularly up to 200 meters. “The first trek of the agency’s largest, most advanced rover yet on the Red Planet will prove to be a major milestone as soon as the mission begins,” NASA said in a statement. Perseverance Rover Mobility Test Engineer Anas Zarifian at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California said that when it comes to wheeled vehicles on other planets there are some first-hand incidents that measure the importance of the first drive.

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