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A Ray of Hope for Patients Requiring Medical Care Post-treatment

On an average around 250 million patients are discharged across Indian hospitals annually. By a conservative estimate, 75% of them are medically fit to go home while the remaining 25% require additional support either in the form of long-term acute care, skilled nursing care, transitional care with medical inputs, inpatient rehabilitation support and assistance in mobility in bed or to come out of bed or for getting trained to resume their livelihoods.


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Ucchvas transitional care center


Closer home, hospitals in Hyderabad on a daily average discharge around 1,000 patients, who still need rehab services. This number is expected to rise by close to three times in the next four-five years.


These individuals may no longer need acute care administered by hospitals but then they may not be ready to go home. Family members of such patients need not get worried about managing the recovery path of their loved ones. Help is at hand and comes in the form of professionally-manned transitional care centers that provide the humane touch as would a family member.


The cornerstone of these centers is the post-discharge services provided to patients recovering after the hospital attends to their illness or after a surgical or invasive procedure, including organ transplant.


Raising a glimmer of hope is the city-based Ucchvas (a sigh of relief), which is a new-generation, adult transitional care center.


Dedicated to intensive physiotherapy, skilled nursing and other equally critical medical rehabilitation services during stressful periods of ill-health, especially post-hospitalization, the personnel at Ucchvas strive to provide quality transitional and rehabilitative care.


Ucchvas treats patients who need to recoup after a complex medical condition with individualized care. We offer scientifically structured facilities, including therapeutic rehabilitation for neuro, spine injury, ortho and sports, pulmonary and cancer rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and therapies ranging from occupational, speech and swallow to nutritional therapy, apart from rehab counseling,” said Ucchvas Founder Dr. Rampapa Rao.


He points out that the aim is to help reduce hospital readmission rate and improve long-term patient outcomes so as to improve their efficiency metrics. Priority is attending to the hapless elderly.


The cost of managing patients in transitional care centers ranges from 20 to 25 per cent of the cost incurred in a tertiary hospital bed. These centres go a long way in reducing the economic burden, which in itself a great service given the future demographic indications of a rise in the elderly patients and chronic disease incidences, said Dr Rampapa Rao while underlying the importance of care centers. 


Ucchvas has facilitated over 2,000 successful patient transitions from rehab to home and has achieved in excess of 50,000 occupied bed days since its inception in 2018. After periodic patient assessments, they update the patient’s primary doctors of the condition, he says while affirming that transitional care centers are complementary to hospitals


The center has two locations in the city-MLA Colony, Banjara Hills Road No 12 and Jayabheri Pine Valley Colony, near CARE Hospital, Gachibowli.


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