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Alert: Cheap sanitizer may also be responsible for black fungus.

Kolkata Be careful if you are buying a cheap hand sanitizer or using a cheap hand sanitizer to prevent corona infection. This cheap spray sanitizer can harm you. Today, the role of these sanitizers is also seen in cases of increasing black fungus in corona infected persons.
A research has revealed that apart from steroids, dust mites and fake sanitizers found in the market are also responsible for black fungus. The amount of methanol in these cheap sanitizers is much more than required. Which is creating a better environment to grow fungus by killing the cells of the eye and nose.
Research revealed
Dr. Pritam Singh, a scientist from the Department of Ceramic Engineers at IIT-BHU, told Amar Ujala that, when we take these spray sanitizers around our face and spray it, a small amount of it also gets into our eyes and numbers. This causes the retina, including its retina, to die. These sanitizers contain methanol around 5% which creates a better growth environment for fungi. This causes the retina of the eyes to deteriorate as well as the light gradually decreases and the person becomes blind.
Fungus attacks when immunity is weak
He further stated that in fact, proteolysis process takes place here, that is, the liquid of the protein starts coming out and dried, that is, the dead proteins start adding to each other rapidly. After this, the process of forming fungus starts. At the same time, our immunity is weakened, then black fungus starts showing its effect. As our immunity is weakened, the black fungus begins to show its effect.
Need to avoid fake sanitizer
Today, fake sanitizers sold in every street and street have methanol around five percent, which is enough to harm our skin and tissues. Sanitizers are being sold without standards and regulations, which are so deadly that they cannot be guessed. If you want to use a sanitizer, then use a liquid sanitizer, which falls like droplets and not sprays. It would be better if we use sanitizer only with better brand. Apart from this, wherever construction work is going on, we should also be avoided.


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