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Ambulance is not getting oxygen in Delhi, drivers are waiting outside hospitals for 3 days

Why are you refusing to give cylinders? In response to this, Raju said, “If the doctor writes to the hospital for an ambulance, then only the cylinder will be given, this way will not be found.” “Around 200 km of the car rolled, even after gas is not available, what will we do? Raju said that if the doctor gives me oxygen on his behalf, then I can drop any patient from my ambulance for 1500 rupees.”

According to other ambulance drivers, the car has been standing like this for 3 days, without which oxygen should the patient take? If you go to take oxygen, there is a 4 kilometer line, who will be in the line everyday? Ambulance driver Rajesh standing outside the hospital told, “Our trains are not oxygen, oxygen is not available at the oxygen plant, if it is being found then there is a line of 200 people. Our trains have been standing for 3 to 4 days. At the moment, ordinary patients are coming less, serious patients are coming more and many patients are also dying due to lack of oxygen. “


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