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Attacks on Hindus in West Bengal continue, forcing them to flee: Robert Spencer, famous American writer.

There is no shortage of self-proclaimed intellectuals and news media in West Bengal. However, the intellectuals are not willing to spend a word on the unrest that has spread across the state since the Trinamool Congress victory. On the other hand, it is alleged that the media is not taking the incidents seriously due to the greed of government advertisements. It is noteworthy that no media outlet has been seen to hold a debate on the unrest in West Bengal for “an hour …”. Many media outlets are harassing the Hindu Lungi Bahini but no media is showing the courage to interview helpless people or speak up for them.

However, the news of the unrest in West Bengal has spread all over the world, even though the Indian intellectuals and the media have covered up the incidents. On Friday, Hindus in neighboring Bangladesh protested by burning Mamata Banerjee’s kushputul. Famous American writer Robert Spencer has spoken about the unrest in West Bengal.

Robert Spencer writes that the Noakhali riots, the Great Calcutta Killing, the partition of the country and the flight of Bengali Hindus were seen during the independence of Bangladesh. And this is the fifth time since then that Bengali Hindus have fled. As Robert Spencer writes in his Jihad Watch, violence is a common occurrence in West Bengal after the results of Nirvana. But this time it has taken a terrible turn and Hindus are being targeted.

It is to be noted that since the victory of Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress on Sunday the 2nd, an atmosphere of unrest has been created in the state. Many have said that what happened in Bengal evokes memories of the 1947 Calcutta killings. News of many BJP workers’ houses being set on fire has surfaced. At the same time, there have been several deaths and allegations of rape. Notably, BJP leaders have been seen sitting in dharnas opposing the violence. Although most well-meaning people claim that there is no benefit in sitting in dharna, there is a need for drastic action.

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