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Attukal Pongala at homes this time; Pandara poured fire into the stove

Thiruvananthapuram> A Pongala started today at Attukal without any hustle and bustle of women in the temple premises. Due to Kovid restrictions, Pongala is offered in the homes of the devotees. Pongala is performed only in the Pandara hearth in the temple. Devotees who visit the temple are controlled by the Kovid standards.

At 10.50 pm in the temple, a fire broke out in the Pandara stove. At this time, those who put Pongala in their homes can pour fire into the Pongala stove. The Pongala offering will be at 3.40 pm. There will also be aerial flowering this time around.

The injection will only be performed according to custom. Only girls between the ages of ten and twelve can take part in the Thalapoli vows. Feeding will be done in accordance with Kovid standards. There will be ceremonies at 7 pm for caning, 7.30 pm for going out to Manakkad Sasthamkovil and 11 pm for entering.

It was in the background of Kovid that it was suggested to make Pongala houses this time. Police said that community festivals will not be allowed anywhere. Those who perform Pongala in their homes should not invite outside relatives and friends to their homes. Children under the age of ten and older people should avoid maximum vision.

Sectoral magistrates were posted at the temple premises to ensure compliance. Only a few people can attend the Pongala at the Pandara hearth of the temple. The city police commissioner said Kovid protocol, including social distance, must be adhered to and strict legal action will be taken against those who violate safety instructions in a way that could spread the disease.

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