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Be careful, the corona virus can go up to 10 meters in the air, at the New Guideline Center

News Desk: Scientists have already said that the wind is carried by Corona. This time new information came to the fore. Experts say that large water particles cannot go far from sneezing and coughing. The germs of the corona virus can travel far and wide in tiny particles in the air. Corona virus germs can float in fine air particles up to 10 meters away. K Vijayaraghavan, chief science adviser at the center, said the corona virus could spread up to 2 meters in large water droplets. The corona virus can travel at least 10 meters by floating in fine particles floating in the air. These particles can enter the body through the nose or mouth. According to the researchers, the distance between the crowd or the closed room is less than 6 meters. As a result, the risk of infection is high in these places. The virus will easily enter the air from one body to another. So be much more aware than before. Earlier, The Lancet claimed that the corona virus is airborne. A team of U.S. scientists has since claimed that the corona virus is airborne. Experts say that large water particles coming out of the nose or mouth cannot stay in the air for long. Water droplets smaller than 5 microns can stay afloat for a long time. The corona virus has become more contagious. .

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