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Bihar: People returning from fear of Corona’s fear and lockdown worry about employment, not happy even when they reach their state!

He said that he had also come back when the lockdown was imposed last year. Did not get work after that, then went back again. Now once again due to the lockdown people are forced to return.

Subedar Rai, a resident of a village near Ghoswari, used to work as a security guard living in Mumbai. The whole family became corona, in which his wife died. After this, he left Mumbai and returned to his village. He said that no one is going to ask in the big city. Have returned from a lot of trouble. Whatever happens now, they will not go out. We will do the same work in the fields.

A factory laborer by profession Ramsoorat has also returned from Pune to Bihar. He returned home last year when the situation in Corona worsened. When the situation improved, the factory owner called him back to work, but now everyone has returned home. There is a family in Bihar. Will be here for a few days and when the situation improves, he will go back to work. They are relieved that their territories have returned.

However, when asked how to get employment, he says that some days will come out like this, but if such a situation persists for a long time, then it will be difficult.


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