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Brothers of Pandalam …. Ashokan writes on the slope

Why are so many Congress leaders going to the BJP? Apart from the BJP’s ability to attract them all, is there any weakness on the part of the Congress in this regard? Asokan Charuvil said in an FB post that it would be good for people like Pandalam Sudhakaran to have some such questions when he goes to the BJP with his brother.

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Congress leader Adv. Pandalam Prathap read the post written by his brother and senior leader Shri Pandalam Sudhakaran Pandalam Sudhakaran expressing shock and grief over joining the BJP. It is not easy to prevent a person from joining a party through brotherhood. Here everyone will realize the helplessness of Pandalam Sudhakaran.

But in this case, it would be good to have some questions in the minds of people like Pandalam Sudhakaran. Why are so many Congress leaders going to the BJP? Is there any weakness on the part of the Congress in this regard other than the BJP’s ability to attract them all? These questions are important in the context of the Congress becoming the most unreliable party in the Opposition in the country.

In India, people are afraid to back down when they see the Congress joining the rising secular democratic front against the BJP government. Ordinary people do not trust them. In Kerala, the Congress has degenerated into a party that confesses what the BJP says in the evening. It is no wonder that leaders and activists are flocking to the BJP from a party that operates solely on the strength of anti-communism.

The main problem is that the Congress is not able to prove how different they are from the BJP. What is the idea and position of the Congress to question and oppose the rise of religious nationalism by questioning the secular democratic values ​​and constitution upheld by the national movement? It should not be forgotten that the corporate capitalism promoting the BJP was introduced in India by the Congress party. The Congress is not yet ready to criticize or change its position on the issue.

It needs an ideological stance to oppose the plundering corporate capital, including the peasantry, and the religious-nationalist forces behind it. Alternative approaches should be put forward. We need leadership that gives insight away from childish play. Without that, there is no point in just stabbing and crying.

That is where the Left parties in India are different. That is why the LDF government in Kerala, which they lead, is very popular with the people.

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