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Cases of coronas increasing rapidly in Madhya Pradesh, night curfew may be imposed in Bhopal-Indore

In Madhya Pradesh once again, the number of corona infected is increasing rapidly and the maximum number of patients are coming out in Indore and Bhopal. According to the earlier announcement made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, it is expected that there will be night curfew in these two major cities from the night of March 8. In the last two days, more patients with corona have appeared in the entire state along with Indore and Bhopal. By the way, patients have increased everyday in the state during a week. On Thursday, where 440 patients were found in the state, 162 patients were found in Indore and 111 patients in Bhopal, 176 patients were found in Indore and 77 in Bhopal on Friday. Overall the number of patients on this day was 457. On Saturday, 467 patients were found, out of which 173 were found in Indore and 104 patients were found in Bhopal.

Chief Minister Chouhan had not only expressed concern over the increasing number of Corona patients in the state on Saturday, but also said that night curfew would be imposed in Indore and Bhopal from the night of March 8, if the number of patients was not reduced. After this, where the total number of patients has increased in the state, the number of patients continues to fluctuate in Indore and Bhopal.

Experts of the health department say that due to the increase in the number of patients in Indore and Bhopal, there is an increased possibility that nighttime curfew can be imposed in both the places. This is because both these cities have been such, where a large number of patients had come before. Bhopal district administration has made the use of masks mandatory, action is being taken against those who have been negligent.

Special vigilance is being exercised regarding the districts situated on the border of the neighboring state of Maharashtra. This is the reason that those coming from Maharashtra are being given entry into the state only when they are coming with a negative report of Corona.

There is more concern about Indore also, because six patients affected by the London variant of Corona have been found here. Infection of the London variant is more fatal. Its infectious capacity is comparatively high.

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