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Change Lifestyle For Quick Recovery From Corona

Kolkata: Corona virus infection continues to wreak havoc in the country. During this time, due to lack of accurate information about self-medication and things, many people are falling prey to Kovid-19 as well as other diseases. However, making some lifestyle changes during the transition can give you plenty of rest. Corona virus infection affects everyone’s body differently. To recover from this, recovery time and process are also different. After the infection of Kovid 19, it is necessary to take more care of yourself for a few days and change the lifestyle completely. Know, some tips for recovery from Kovid 19.
Morning sun is the most important
Vitamin D is essential for recovery from the corona virus. Do sit for 10-15 minutes in the morning sun. During the summer days, the sun is strong, so sit in the morning light in the morning, otherwise the risk of dehydration may increase.
Talk will be done with pranayama
Body becomes weak when infected with corona. So do a little exercise slowly. To keep oxygen level in the body, do pranayam. Corona patients should perform anulom-antonyms, bhramari, kapalabhati and bhastrika pranayama to improve the oxygen level so that the oxygen level of the body is maintained.
Changes in diet will make a difference
There is a lot of weakness in the body after recovery from corona. So patients should take care of their diet. Every morning, eat dates, raisins, almonds and walnuts. If you have less desire to eat, then take dry fruit. With this, you will get the required nutrition as well as energy.
Drumstick soup will help you
There is complaint of pain in bones and muscles due to Kovid 19 infection, so definitely drink drumstick soup. Drumstick soup rich in medicinal properties is rich in calcium and phosphorus. It also eliminates the problem of depression, nervousness and fatigue.
Brew with hot spices

Hot spices present in the kitchen can make you healthy quickly by increasing your immunity. Drink cumin, coriander and fennel decoction to protect yourself from the disease and keep immunity in check. This decoction can be consumed 2 times a day. This will keep the blood clean and tension will also go away.


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