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Corona virus worldwide traumatized, but why the pace of covid vaccination in China is so slow? Questions raised

Some Chinese citizens are reluctant to take the vaccine for safety reasons, while many others say the relatively weak capacity of the Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine is not a major issue. Some people who are interested in getting the vaccine, the main reason behind it seems that a large part of the country has not got a single positive case in the last few months. A woman with a Lew surname in Beijing told DW, “I think most of China is now virus-free. I have been adopting rescue methods since the beginning so I’m not afraid of getting infected anymore.” Many people around me have got vaccinated voluntarily and some people are getting scared that they will be prevented from traveling to other countries in future if they do not do so. ”

According to China’s official news agency Xinhua, most of the vaccine manufacturers in the country have increased production capacity and Gao Fu says that China aims to increase the country’s 70-80 percent population by the end of this year and the middle of next year. Get vaccinated. But experts say that this will not help unless most countries also get the majority of their population vaccinated. Wang says, “Otherwise, when the border opens up and people start moving to each other’s country, people from countries where they have not been fully vaccinated will start infecting again.”

(The vaccine issue in China is a sensitive issue, so some people’s full names are not written).


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