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Couple desperate to stop the theft of Sadh’s mango, 9 dogs guarded, 3 guards! | News8Plus

Metropolitan Desk: Who doesn’t love to eat mango. Meanwhile, guarding the mango orchard with a stick for fear of theft is nothing new. But what the couple did when they went to the mango hill naturally came to the fore. They have deployed 9 dogs and three security guards to guard the mangoes. One such incident took place in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The mango in the couple’s garden is called Miyazaki Mango or Taiyo Na Tamago or Sun Eggs. Last year, they were sold in the international market at Rs 2.80 lakh per kg. A few years ago, a train passenger gave two mango saplings to Rani and Sankalp Parihar. They did not know at that time that its mango was so expensive. At present there are 150 such saplings in their garden. Of course, only four trees have mangoes. In an interview, the couple said last year’s theft had forced them to increase their security this year. It is learned that they are getting many good offers to sell these fruits. But at the moment Rani and Sankalpa are not willing to sell them. They said, ‘One person wanted to buy with 21 thousand rupees per piece. But we have decided to use them to produce more fruit. It is known that this Miyazaki mango has to be cultivated with a combination of multiple things including special temperature, certain amount of water, moderate fertilizer. It is cultivated in a place called Miyazaki in Japan. Not long ago, this variety of mango cultivation became popular in the late 1970s. .

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