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Covid-19 Help: Between Corona to Koharam, another country came forward to help India, this country’s international development minister announced 60 crores

Internet desk. Most of the countries are helping India from Corona to Machharam in India. In this list, another country has extended a helping hand for India. Canada has decided to give India a financial assistance of 60 crores to fight Corona. Canada’s International Development Minister Karina Guld has announced that Canada will help India with ten million Canadian dollars (60 million rupees) in the midst of the Battle of Corona.

Canada’s International Development Minister Kareena Gold announced that Canada is providing $ 10 million in humanitarian aid to the Canadian Red Cross to support India’s response to the Indian Red Cross Society as # COVID19: Government of Canada

(File pic) – ANI (@ANI) April 28, 2021

The fund is being provided to the Canada Red Cross Society, which will hand it over to the Indian Red Cross Society. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that we have decided to help in view of the horrific pictures coming out of India.

According to media reports, allies will have to come forward to help. Canada has taken this decision after Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Garnue talks to Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. More than 3 lakh new cases are coming up. More than three and a half lakh new cases were recorded on Sunday.


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