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Covid-19 Vaccination: China, which is spreading corona all over the world, is adopting new tricks for its vaccine, people are being lured by vaccine and giving free eggs ..!

International Desk. China, which is spreading the corona worldwide, is now adopting various tactics for vaccination in its country. It is being said in China that low quality vaccines are being installed here, so people are getting rid of the vaccine. But the government has found new ways.

People who are not getting vaccinated are being lured. New tricks are being introduced by the Chinese government. Here, vaccinators are being offered free eggs and shopping coupons or discounts in groceries.

China is giving vaccines to millions of people every day. On 26 March alone, China had given 61 lakh vaccines in one day. According to the Chinese news website Xinhua, the biggest challenge in China is that people are now feeling safe after the corona cases have come down. In such a situation, people also want to avoid getting vaccinated.

Five vaccines are currently being used in China. Wang Huqing, the top immunologist at China’s Center for Disease Control, says that if China wants to get herd immunity, it will have to vaccinate at least 1 billion of its population.


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