Death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi: World peace is possible only through Gandhism


-Ramkishore Shahu-

On the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Deutze, a senior journalist of ‘American Report’, wrote within the editorial column – “The whole world is a heap of dry straw today. This heap is waiting for a match to be struck, but the reaction and pain expressed by countries around the world after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi yesterday, proves that world peace can be established only by following the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi. May be…”

The world needs Gandhism

Today, in the whole world, there is an imperative of lofty qualities like truth, non-violence, friendship, equality, humanity. Due to all these being included in Gandhism, there is an urgent need of Gandhism in the whole world today. Democracy is not safe anywhere today without Gandhism. Mahatma Gandhi, who used to say ‘Politics without morality is a fragrant dead body’, while behaving non-violently towards the British strongly opposed them. This was such an experiment, seeing which the world was stunned.

launched the non-violent non-cooperation movement

On August 1, 1921, Mahatma Gandhi launched a non-violent non-cooperation movement to boycott the British government in protest against problems like Rowlatt Act, Jallianwala Bagh murder case, unheard of Khilafat leaders. It was much more effective than the movements launched in the past. As if the government had come in a state of paralysis. It seemed that soon we would be able to garland Mother India with the garland of freedom. But, due to firing by the police of Gorakhpur’s Chaurachauri police station, the angry mob set the police station on fire. 22 policemen burnt to death. This violent incident shocked Mahatma Gandhi. He stopped the non-cooperation movement. There was a lot of criticism for this.

Subhash Chandra Bose protested

Subhash Chandra Bose wrote in ‘Indian Struggle’ – “At a time when public enthusiasm was about to the touch its peak, the order to retreat was at least a nationwide catastrophe.” Gandhiji was not troubled by these criticisms, but he was troubled by the fact that the nationalist activists still could not understand the importance of non-violence. No movement can be successful without non-violence. Non-cooperation with evil is as sacred a duty as cooperation with good. The British government is making India so weak that it is capable of crushing any movement. He was sentenced to six years in prison for inciting disaffection towards the government. Accepting the allegations of the prosecution, he had said – “Boycott of the British Authorities was my pious obligation as a citizen.”

strict adherence to guidelines

At some point Kasturba got here to jail to satisfy the custom of assembly in jail. A jail officer was current slightly other than each of them. He slipped away from there in order that the couple may speak freely. After a while the jail officer got here and noticed that Ba and Bapu have been sitting quietly on the bench. “You both are sitting quietly like this, not talking”, on being requested by the police officer, Gandhiji stated, “According to the jail manual to meet us, a jail officer will be beside us at the time of our meeting, if you were not there then how could we talk? While saying, “You are blessed”, the jail officer saved strolling.

i wish to be born as untouchable

He accomplished the Dandi march to interrupt the salt regulation by strolling 375 kilometers on foot for 25 days, he was profitable in taking the motion to the lots and making it a nationwide motion. As a substitute of constructing your opponents sad, it’s Satyagraha to make efforts for the victory of fact by inflicting struggling on your self. He was a robust opponent of the bitterness of society and sect. He as soon as said- “I do not want to be born again, but if I have to be born, I would like to be born as an untouchable, so that I can share in their sufferings, tribulations and humiliations and save myself from this punishable condition. I can save myself.

Gandhiji’s thoughts on the basis of mankind

With partition and independence came vandalism. Lakhs of people of India-Pakistan were killed. Gandhiji was busy in bringing peace and relief in Bengal. Violence stopped in Noakhali by fasting unto death. On January 30, 1948, he was assassinated by a Hindu extremist fueled by hatred. Mahatma Gandhi remained attached to unity and harmony throughout his life and became a martyr for the same. Dr. John Stanley had said- “The assassin fired bullets to destroy Gandhi and his ideas, but his result was that those ideas became the cradle of mankind. In death they became more powerful than in life. Famous scientist Albert Einstein has said- “Perhaps our future generations may believe that there was a flesh-and-blood man named Mahatma Gandhi on this earth.”

(The creator is a President’s Award-winning retired headmaster.)

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