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Delta Plus‌ victims over 40; To more states‌

New Delhi
Delta Plus, a new variant of the Covid virus, has infected more than 40 people in India. Apart from Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh, Delta Plus has been found in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu. This is clear from the fact that Insakog, a consortium of labs to detect genetic variation in Covid viruses, tested more than 45,000 samples.

The Center had yesterday informed Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh to be vigilant as the new virus is a variant. There are 21 Delta Plus victims in Maharashtra. There are six varieties in Madhya Pradesh and three in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In Karnataka, two cases were reported each in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu. Among the Delta Plus victims in Kerala are four-year-olds.

The Delta breed, a variant of the B1.617.2 virus, led to the second severe Covid outbreak in India. Delta Plus is the AY.1 variant of the Delta item. Delta Plus is characterized by greater permeability, greater adhesion to receptors in the lungs, and lower response to monoclonal antibody treatment. Delta Plus will be able to combat current treatment modalities. There are concerns that current vaccines may not be effective against the virus. Vaccines have been found to protect against the Delta virus. Delta Plus has also been found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Poland, Russia and China.

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