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Discount on restrictions; Agriculture and small scale industries can continue

Kovid will continue to operate in the manufacturing sector, including agriculture, allied sectors and small scale industries, eliminating the possibility of expansion. Restrictions on agriculture, horticulture, livestock, dairy, aquaculture, fishing, afforestation and collection of forest resources will not be an impediment. Industry, Small-Medium-Micro-Enterprise and Construction can follow the Code of Conduct. Employment Guarantee Scheme activities will also continue. Awareness campaign was launched for all workers, including those from other states.

They will be provided with quarantine and vaccination facilities. The deadline to apply for crop damage compensation has been extended. Applications can be submitted from March 10 to March 30. It has been proposed to increase the services of co-operative hospitals, labs, ambulances and justice medical stores. Service readiness and efficiency should be enhanced.

Emergency plans for local bodies
As a guideline for projects that local self-governing bodies should start with an urgent nature. Plans should be taken to set up a quarantine center, Kovid Fast Line Treatment Center (CFLTC), Second Level Treatment Center (CSLTC) and a Domestic Care Center (DCC). Expenditure on repairs, purchase of supplies, purchase of medicines and equipment, wages for temporary deputies, purchase of drinking water, food, cleaning equipment and cleaning can be included in the scheme. Emergency planning will also include the provision of vehicle / ambulance facilities for the journey for Kovid examination and treatment, as well as the provision of medicines and equipment. In addition, meetings of local bodies can be fully virtualized. It can also approve board meetings and urgent plans. These need to be included in the annual plan and later approved by the DPC.

“Kovid Protocol Officer” in Offices
Kovid is now the Protocol Officer in the offices affiliated to the Panchayat Department. The post of Junior Superintendent / Head Clerk shall be at least one officer. Responsible for the deployment of staff for immunization and CFLTC / DCC / CSLTC operations.
Supervising the CFLTC / DCC / CSLTC under the control of Panchayats Asst. Secretary, Head Clerk / Junior Superintendent

To ensure the safety of the employees, the office, immunization and CFLTC / DCC / CSLTC activities will be divided into groups for a period of one month from Tuesday.

Other suggestions
Duty should be arranged conveniently for sick employees.
ഡ് Kovid standards must be strictly adhered to when a visit is required for official purposes.
In case of Kovid symptoms, the boss should be informed.
പഞ്ചായ The Performance Audit Division and the Deputy Directors of Panchayats should ensure that all the Panchayats have the required staff for the smooth functioning of Kovid Immunization and CFLTC / DCC / CSLTC.

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