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Drama is life; The party is strong

” When Fatima saw the paddy growing in the field, she held it in her hand … to measure the rent, to inflate the tambourine’s bandara

To inflate the Pandara Pathayam …. ” The campaign songs of local dramas during the election are still fresh in the memory of Nilambur Aisha.

She was active in electioneering with her brother Manu Mohammad when the women were not out. In Nilambur, Kunhali staged plays in both the elections. The aim was to convey the politics of the Communist Party to the people through plays. During the election, there was a lot of opposition from the family when the houses were raided. “What’s wrong with Ana? When he reached home in search of votes, he would run away.

There was a lot of opposition in the theater as well. He was shot on stage while playing in Manjeri. He escaped with a head injury. Elsewhere, during the rehearsal, someone came up and slapped me on the cheek. During a play in Kalyassery, a group of people came to the stage and shouted: “Muslim woman is not going to drama, she is going to hell”. He often went to the theater with his harmonium box on his head and called Inquilab.

There was so much opposition from the community. Once, while reciting the dialogues of the play, a stone fell on the stage. His lips cracked at the stone. The dialogue continued with bloodied lips, though at first stumbling. Many said; Drama is not in line with Islam, it is not allowed, it is forbidden. Even relatives kept their distance. The community was expelled. If you die for drama, so be it. The play was later staged under the auspices of the Communist Party. Faith in that party is still strong today. He must remain in that party until his death.

Prepared by: M Sanoj


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