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ED again to defeat; The political mission continues

The ED, which has lost credibility in the gold smuggling, dollar smuggling and Unitac investigation cases, is now turning against Kifbi. The ED, which has sabotaged the case on behalf of political masters, has repeatedly heard court insults. The move by the ED to prosecute former IT secretary M Sivasankar in gold smuggling and dollar smuggling cases was ridiculous.

ED has been under BJP control since the beginning of the gold smuggling case. Following the probe, the BJP appointed a legal adviser to the front page as its councilor. With that, the important information became exclusive in the BJP newspaper. Many leaked to the media before reaching the court. The ED’s overzealousness, including the arrest of Shivshankar, has also caused dissatisfaction among other Central Investigation Agencies.

The ED has launched an investigation into the money laundering case. The NIA and Customs have charged about 30 people in addition to the main defendants, but none of them have been charged by the ED. Only the first four and M Sivasankar were the accused. In the meanwhile, the ED took over the smuggling of dates and the Qur’an. Dramatically questioned Minister KT Jaleel. Finally, the Additional Private Secretary to the Chief Minister was questioned on the polling day of the local body elections. There was also a move to keep the Life housing project in the dark. The Legislative Ethics Committee withdrew after sending a notice to the ED against the move to call the file as it pleased.

The court was criticized by the ED for claiming that the money seized by the NIA from Swapna Suresh’s bank locker was a commission received by Shivshankar in the Unitac deal. The court questioned whether the finding was contrary to the case being investigated by the ED. It is also against the report submitted earlier.

The ED also tried to fabricate evidence against Shivshankar by including some of the customs officials in the case. On the 89th day of his arrest, the High Court granted bail to Sivashankar.

Disguised as a political game ED
Directorate of Enforcement in the role of a clown in the BJP’s political drama aimed at the Assembly elections. The ED action is without even basic information about Kifby. During the interrogation of the gold smuggling case, a senior ED official asked M Sivasankar if there was any investment in KIFB.

Kifby officials were called in on the 17th and 25th of last month and ED officials gathered information. Kifby officials who visited the ED office for the second time saw the Union Finance Minister’s anti-Kifby speech on TV. Officials were asked to appear again on March 8. After Nirmala Sitharaman’s visit to Kerala and her anti-Kifby speech, the officials who were present till then were no more. KIFB CEO KM Abraham and Deputy General Manager Vikramjit Singh were summoned to appear before the ED separately. The notice was received in Kifby’s official mail Wednesday morning. ED Centers on WhatsApp handed over the details of the notice to media representatives on Tuesday evening. Political interference is evident in all of this. Despite calling the officers twice, Idi did not get what he wanted. Not interested in a documented and factual reply. Pressured for the answer they wanted. Intimidation and mental torture were rampant.

Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac said he would co-operate fully with the ED’s efforts to find out the truth. The Coalition has been working for some time to cast doubt on Kifby. The Congress leader is defending the RSS man’s anti-Kifbi petition. To prove it, the Accountant-General prepared a report in violation of all the rules. This is followed by the ED move. This will be answered through legal action and politically.

Kifby FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) has not been violated. Masalabond was approved by the RBI under the provisions of the Act. Isaac said the loan registration number was granted.

Union Minister and Surendran criticized; Following is the case
The ED filed a case against Kifbi, shortly after Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrived in Kerala and spoke against Kifbi at the BJP’s election rally and K Surendran held a press conference.

On Sunday evening, Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Tripunithura that it was not surprising that Kerala would fall into a death trap if this was the budget method and why the entire budget allocation was flowing to Kifbi. The speech was on the victory march of K Surendran. K Surendran mocked Kifbi and Finance Minister Thomas Isaac at a press conference at the BTH Hotel on Monday morning. Surendran asked who had given permission to the state to accept the investment.
It was also reported that the ED had filed a case against Kifby on Tuesday afternoon.

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