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Everything Sudhakaran said was only his desire; Students will not forget to walk around the college: CM

Thiruvananthapuram: The Chief Minister responded to KPCC President K Sudhakaran’s remark that the Chief Minister had trampled Pinarayi Vijayan while he was studying at Brennan College.
The CM said that Sudhakaran’s statement was just a dream and what he said was just a boast.

Everyone has the right to dream. Sudhakaran’s statement is only part of it. His only desire is to overthrow Pinarayi Vijayan. I hate him. Then not today Sudhakaran. If you get it, you can see in your mind that you will be beaten and trampled. How can you not tell the truth when you say things that are completely untrue.

I went to college during the KSU violence and avoided conflict there. Brennan was not a college student at the time. I’m just a student coming to write the exam. KSF is on strike as part of the boycott of exams. KSU workers came to stop the strike. Things moved into conflict. I did not know Sudhakaran then. I tried not to get involved in the conflict. But things went awry. I took a special kind of action against this young man. The body is not touched. Nothing done. A few words came out after the action. I do not know what to say. This is what happened. Sudhakaran understand something. The only reason the conflict was there was because he was not a student.

There are some things that AK Balan, Sudhakaran’s peer and classmate at the time, said. Don’t forget that too.

CH Mohammad Koya came to inaugurate Brennan College when he was Minister of Education. The boy told the story when he went to inaugurate the renovated hall.

CH Mohammad Koya, who had come to attend the function, was shown a black flag and thrown his shoes. Tried to disrupt the ceremony. At that time, CH was able to conduct the function smoothly due to the strength of the activists, including AK Bal Nada. Sudhakaran, who is now a hero, will never forget that incident. They went around the college half-naked. The students who came to confront Sudhakaran’s aggression did not allow him to dress against them. Conducted around the college. It doesn’t matter what the big boast is.

The CM said that the allegations leveled against Sudhakaran by his own party members were numerous. K Ramakrishnan, who was the DCC president, counted the allegations made by Chief Minister Ramakrishnan, who said that Sudhakaran’s true nature was openly exposed to Kerala. The CM said that Sudhakaran’s loyal Congress leader had told him that Sudhakaran had planned to kidnap his children.


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