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Farmers now ready to face new challenge, tents ready to survive the heat of summer

It has been three months since the protest against the agricultural laws of the Center, in such a situation, the choices have started increasing in front of the farmers. First, the cold winter night, now, when the problem of the farmers started coming out due to the heat of the heat in the afternoon, the farmers have arranged for shade before their stage. On Thursday, tents got ready in front of the stage. After the tents were ready, the seating of the farmers in front of the stage also increased.

In fact, the farmer leaders say that such reports were constantly going on in the media that the farmers had gone somewhere from the movement site. but it’s not like that. The agitators used to walk in the shade as the sun was shining in front of the stage. At the same time, when the shade was arranged in front of the stage, again the number of agitators has started appearing in front of the stage.

However, in addition to the tents, coolers have also been arranged at the Ghazipur border, as well as the installation of fans in the tents, so that there is no hindrance in the movement of the farmers. The movement has increased considerably due to the installation of tents for the agitators in front of the stage. Due to the tents on the head and cooler below, the agitated farmers are feeling much relief from the heat of the day.

Significantly, thousands of farmers have been protesting on various boundaries of the national capital since 26 November last year against the three new disputed agricultural laws of the central government. So far, 11 rounds of talks have been held between the government and farmer organizations to resolve the deadlock, but so far no result of the issue has been reached. On the other hand, the farmers are ready to start negotiations again and the government is also saying the same thing in the media, but so far both of them have not been able to come to the negotiation table.


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