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Forcing to file statement against CM: Sandeep Nair’s revelation shocking: High Court

Kochi: The Crime Branch has informed the High Court that the revelation of Sandeep Nair that ED officials forced him to give a statement against the Chief Minister is shocking. Sandeep’s statement to the Crime Branch can be produced in a sealed envelope, said Hareen P Rawal, senior counsel for the Crime Branch.

The Crime Branch said the investigation under the Money Laundering Act was not a license to produce evidence against a person unrelated to the case or to drag him into the case.

ED urges police to quash cases against him for forcing him to testify against CM in gold smuggling
The Crime Branch stated its position in the petition.

The case has been registered on the basis of Swapna’s audio recording and Sandeep Nair’s letter to the court. The police investigation will not affect the money laundering case. The Crime Branch pointed out that if the allegation against ED is true, it is extremely serious and no citizen of the country is safe. ED, the central agency, has no right to fabricate evidence against anyone.

The ED is creating a smokescreen as the police intervene in the money laundering case. This is based on a letter sent to the ED police chief asking him to check the authenticity of the audio recording
Investigation and FIR.

The Crime Branch rejected the EDU’s claim that the police investigation undermined federalism. Central Agency officials
The crime branch also pointed out that the state officials investigating the case need to be trusted.

He said the investigation was at an early stage and the investigating officer should be allowed to make a decision and the court should not interfere
Asked the crime branch. The Supreme Court has ordered not to interfere in the investigation at the initial stage
The crime branch pointed out.

The petitioner contended that the ED’s petition was immature and non-existent.
Haren P. Rawal pointed out that the argument is but the question is whether the charges in the case are the same. The case was adjourned to Friday for further hearing.

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