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France: During the program, a person slapped the President of this country? Court sentenced to 18 months in jail, PM said – attack on the head of the country, attack on democracy

International Desk. Recently there was a big incident in France in which a man slapped the President here. After this incident, a French court has sentenced the person who slapped President Emmanuel Macron to 18 months in prison. Let us tell you that during an event on Tuesday, a person slapped the French President.

According to media reports, the incident took place in the city of Tan-l’Hermitage, France. President Macron was visiting a high school training students to work in hotels and restaurants. Here he was greeting people when a man slapped President Macron. The bodyguards present there pushed him back and the French leader was immediately evicted.

Significantly, the video of this incident slapping the French President is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Condemning the incident, the French PM said that the attack on the head of the country is an attack on democracy.


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