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Gas-smoked * kitchens; The price of cooking gas has skyrocketed

Thiruvananthapuram: “There are seven people in the house, including children. A gas cylinder is less than a month old. Last time I bought it, the price was Rs 825. I do not know how to live,” said Sarasu in front of her house in Rajaji Nagar, Thampanoor.
Each price is the same as when booking each month. If you want to go to the warehouse at Poojappura to pick up the cylinder, it will cost around Rs. In short, it costs a thousand rupees to get a cylinder home. How can families like us, who depend on daily wages, afford this? Saraswati, whose husband and a son had died earlier, is survived by only two daughters and grandchildren.

Thousands of families like these have been affected by this daily increase in prices. Many families are trying to dust off the kerosene stove by reducing gas consumption.

Sasikala, who has six members in the house, is no different. She needs the meager income of her husband, who is an auto driver, to make a living. “A gas peg is lucky in a month. Diesel prices are rising day by day and auto is no longer running. Life is very difficult for us ordinary people. Even though there is an induction stove, the use of it has been reduced due to the increase in electricity bill,” says Shashikala.

The central government must be prepared to reduce the fuel prices that plague the middle class. Sreekumar, a native of Poojappura, wants action to be taken as soon as possible as life cannot move forward otherwise.

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