Girlfriend kidnapped by double cross, claims fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi in statement to police


Choksi also said that after running for more than 15 to 17 hours, the boat stopped moving and I was informed that we had arrived, which could be Antigua’s time of around 9.30 to 10 am .

Choksi claimed that when he asked about his whereabouts, he was again given evasive answers. Choksi said that “I was told that I have been brought to this particular place for some question-and-answer talks with a prominent Indian politician.” “He also told me that my citizenship in Dominica will be fixed and I will be deported back to India soon,” Choksi said.

The fugitive businessman said, “This caused a lot of frustration among the crew as they were getting constant radio calls as to why my operation was not over yet. They were getting upset as they should have handed me over to the authorities. “

“While we were waiting, I was robbed of $1500 in cash and given to the sailor, adding that once the interview was done, he would take me back to Antigua,” Choksi claimed.

“At this point, Gurmeet Singh, came up to me and said plans had changed,” Choksi said. They informed that they would hand him over to the Dominican Police Commissioner and a coast guard boat would arrive in an hour to make the transfer.

“He didn’t arrive for the longest time and I was about to sleep when the alarm sounded that the coast guard was finally approaching,” Choksi said. The fugitive diamond merchant claimed that he was taken away at the port by a team of policemen, including the Chief. Choksi said, “He introduced himself as the police chief and I was caught because of Interpol’s red corner notice.”

“At the port, I was handed over to an officer and his team to take me to the central police station,” he said.

Choksi also claimed that he had suffered an injury, but was still denied medical treatment. Moreover, he was not even allowed to speak to any legal representative as he was told that he does not do this to prisoners here.

He also claimed that for the first few days even his clothes were not changed.

“After two-three days, they gave me a couple of clothes, but was told that I would have to clean the clothes myself and hang them to dry,” Choksi said.

The fugitive businessman said his lawyers were allowed to speak to him after a few days.

Let us inform that Choksi went missing from Antigua on 23 May, after which a massive search operation was launched. He was captured three days later on 26 May in Dominica.

A court in Dominica has stayed his extradition until further orders after hearing a habeas corpus petition filed by Choksi’s lawyers.

Last Wednesday, Choksi appeared before a local magistrate in Dominica and pleaded not guilty to illegally entering the Caribbean island nation. On May 27, the first pictures of Choksi in Dominica surfaced online, showing bruises on his arms and a swollen eye.

The fugitive businessman is wanted in India in the Rs 13,5000 crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) loan fraud case.


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