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Got it; If Krishnadas holds the cell; Krishnadas says there is nothing wrong with his relationship with Dharmarajan

Krishnadas is in favor of making a decisive move to alleviate the fatigue caused by the capture of the BJP state leadership by V Muraleedharan and K Surendran. Krishnadas’ party is now spreading the feeling that they had to save K Surendran, who had constantly insulted them.

Krishnadas’ supporters have gained the upper hand after Surendran was isolated in the committee due to his involvement in pipe and bribery cases. AN Radhakrishnan held press conferences in Thrissur on Monday and Krishnadas in Kozhikode on Tuesday. However, they could not justify the money laundering case, the bribery case against Sundara and the money laundering incident. Krishnadas’ close associates may come out with similar interventions in the coming days.

Meanwhile, there was widespread protest against the poster on the page of the BJP state committee in support of Surendran. The phrase ‘with the thief with the counterfeit money’ was repeated by many. Out of 15,000 comments, 12,000 were against Surendran.

Krishnadas says there is nothing wrong with his relationship with Dharmarajan
PK Krishnadas, a member of the National Executive Committee, has said that there is nothing unusual in the relationship of BJP leaders with Dharmarajan, the mastermind behind the Kodakara scam. He was given the task of carrying party election materials. Dharmarajan has called BJP leaders when the money was stolen. There is nothing unusual about it. However, Krishnadas did not give a clear answer to the question whether the leaders were called because the money was brought for the BJP. There is nothing more to be said than what K Surendran said about the NDA leaders complaining about giving money to CK Janu. It is an undeclared state of emergency against the BJP. A protest dharna will be held on the basis of 10 booths against this. Krishnadas said the issue would be dealt with politically and legally.

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