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Government’s response in Corona crisis biased and subversive, it cannot be forgiven: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi has also given some important suggestions to the government. He said, “There are a lot of issues that need immediate attention. These include provision of oxygen, prohibition of black marketing of drugs, availability of beds in hospitals, protocols for home care, vaccination, testing and tracing at the earliest, In addition to financial assistance to the needy, and general covid management, genetic sequencing is required. “

He said, “Nevertheless I want to give some suggestions and this time – all the resources should be used in transporting oxygen to hospitals across the country. There are reports from all over the country that patients died due to lack of oxygen. For this, one has to take responsibility. We should not forget that India is the world’s leading country in oxygen production. We produce 7500 metric tons of oxygen every day. We have enough oxygen. So the government has to tell That’s why there is a lack of oxygen. ” He reiterated that, “The Parliamentary Committee had on 21 November 2020 told the government to provide adequate oxygen. Why did the government not implement this?”

Sonia Gandhi suggested that at this time the work of raising the beds in hospitals and setting up temporary facilities, combining all the resources of the government and industries, would have to be done on a war footing. But the government had assumed that the corona had been brought under control and in January 2021 the number of covid beds had declined. And now there is a very big deficiency.

In another suggestion, he said, “Testing has to be expedited. Real data must be exposed with transparency so that people follow COVID rules seriously. If you hide the data, it will not actually help you control the epidemic.” ” Sonia Gandhi said, “The insensitive and biased vaccine policy adopted by the Modi government is not seen anywhere in the world. Ironically, we are one country but five vaccine prices have been put forward by two vaccine manufacturers. How can the government remain a silent spectator on audacious profiteering. In such a situation, it will be said that the government is promoting profiteering at the cost of the lives of the people. “


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