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Greetings to the voters who rewrote the history of Kerala; Declaration of no compromise with communal extremism – CPI (M)

Thiruvananthapuram: The CPI (M) state secretariat has said in a statement that the people of Kerala have given a historic victory to the Left Democratic Front in this assembly election. For the first time in Kerala, a left-wing government is coming to power through this popular recognition. The CPI (M) greets the voters of the state where the history of Kerala has been rewritten. Expresses gratitude to the people who worked for this. On this occasion, the Party assures that the new government will act in accordance with the trust placed in it by the people.

This verdict will help the CPI (M) and the Left democratic forces to work with the people with confidence. The Communist-Left governments that came to power at various stages from 1957 worked for the upliftment of the marginalized people of Kerala.

This verdict will give us the strength to move forward with this work. It is also the result of the election which convinced the Left democratic movements in Kerala that they have a strong base to overcome the false propaganda of the reactionary forces. This victory will strengthen the popular struggle against the BJP-led central government’s attempts to subvert secularism, democratic values ​​and the Constitution. This election victory will give more confidence to the fighting people all over India.

This victory of the Left shows that the people want the expansion of the development work done by the LDF government for the last 5 years under the leadership of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. For the last 5 years, the LDF government has been working for the development of social justice and the protection of secularism and democracy. This election also showed the excellent support given by the people to a government that has held the people together in all crisis situations. This victory will help in upholding an alternative political policy against the anti-people economic policies and extreme communal agendas of the central BJP government.

The UDF and the BJP in Kerala have been trying to overthrow this government for the last 5 years through violent struggles and propaganda campaigns. The anti-communist media also strongly supported this. The anti-Left forces tried to sabotage the elections by smuggling large sums of money and organizing fake clashes. Part of such a coup attempt was the public call by some community organizations to defeat the Left. The BJP government used all the central investigative agencies to overthrow the Left government in Kerala. The Left has been able to overcome all these wrong moves with the firm support of the people of Kerala. The result of this election is proof of that. What the people want is a continuation of the development work implemented by the LDF government under the leadership of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The LDF has put forward a manifesto aimed at the multifaceted growth of Kerala. The verdict is also a popular endorsement of its implementation.

With the support of the UDF, the people of Kerala “closed” the account opened by the BJP 5 years ago under the leadership of the LDF. Kerala has dealt a heavy blow to the BJP’s communalism. The multi-crore campaign of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and several Union ministers in Kerala has not paid off. The BJP contested the state president in two seats, giving the impression that Kerala would be captured. The BJP, which has boasted that it will rule Kerala if it gets 35 seats, has not been able to increase its influence despite using central agencies. Kerala has rejected the Centre’s move to destabilize the state government by violating federal principles and abusing the central government. This high sense of democracy is also a declaration that the people of Kerala will not compromise with communal extremism.

The people also rejected the alliance made by the UDF with the Jamaat-e-Islami for the purpose of religious unification. Kerala has once again proved that it is with the politics of upholding secularism.
All sections of the society have given their support to the Left Democratic Front. This unprecedented popular acceptance makes the CPI (M) and its workers more responsible and humble. The CPI (M) will continue to promote good governance committed to the people and the people’s way of working with the people to find answers to their problems. Millions of people in Kerala are requesting all possible support for these activities. The CPI (M) state secretariat said in a statement that it was grateful to all those who led the Left Democratic Front to this historic victory.

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