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Has the black fungus touched? Rumors are spreading, know the truth

News Desk: When the whole country is devastated by the deadly virus, the death procession is not stopping at all, then a new panic has arisen in the minds of the people like a stab wound to death – mycobacterium tuberculosis or black fungus. This disease is gradually getting worse in Corona. Black fungus has already reached epidemic proportions in several states. The total number of victims in the country is around 12,000. The effects of this disease on coronary heart disease are severe. However, in the midst of the panic of black fungus in the corona atmosphere, multiple rumors about this disease have spread on social media. Ordinary people are naturally confused about this. Many are claiming that the disease is contagious. Again, many claim that the disease is spreading from animals. Many people are giving medicine and pointing out this disease. They claim that black fungus can be cured by a special digestion made with a combination of a little salt, turmeric, mustard oil and alum, not any medicine. At the same time, many have denied the claim that it has touched the black fungus. AIIMS has made it clear that the black fungus has not touched. According to doctors, coronary artery disease is caused by excessive use of steroids, which can cause blood sugar to rise. The body’s resistance to disease is reduced. Black fungus enters the body at that opportunity. The disease is also being spread by giving oxygen to dying corona patients used in industry. According to doctors, the infection can be fatal in people with diabetes, AIDS or cancer, whose immune system is very weak. Amphotericin-B is commonly used to treat black fungus. But the victims are facing extreme problems as it is less than required. .

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