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Health: Giloy’s decoction is a miracle drug, beneficial for these patients

Internet desk. Corona virus is witnessing huge havoc in the country. A record number of corona patients have been found in India in the last one day. The biggest challenge facing people at this time is to protect themselves from the corona virus.

In order to avoid corona, it is very important for the person’s immune system to be strong. A person who has good immunity does not easily become a victim of corona. Today we are going to give you information about one such medicine of Ayurveda which plays an important role to increase immunity.

Giloy is a miracle drug. It proves effective to reduce fever as well as increase immunity of a person. Consumption of this drug is beneficial for patients ranging from diabetes, phlegm, acidity, arthritis, liver, heart disease to cancer.

Brew like this:
– After crushing the stalk of Giloy in a glass of water, boil it on low heat.
-Now add a pinch of turmeric to it. When this water becomes half then filter it and drink it like tea.


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