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In Koratti, about 100 Congressmen, including office bearers, joined the LDF

Chalakudy> Congress splits again in Koratti panchayath In Koratti, the Congress was weakened when about 100 people, including constituency office bearers, joined the LDF. Activists who resigned from the Congress joined the Kerala Congress Mani faction.

The resignation was attributed to group fighting and anti-democratic activities in the Congress. Those who left the Congress said that the pro-people activities of the LDF government and its pro-people attitudes were the impetus to join the Left. The majority of those leaving the Congress are long-serving senior leaders. Former Chalakudy Block Panchayat President Dennis K Antony is one of the prominent people. Youth Congress Chalakudy Block President, District Jana. Dennis K Antony is the Secretary, INTUC Chalakudy Constituency President, State Convener of the Roadside Workers Federation (INTUC), Koratti Panchayat Member and Chalakudy Block Panchayat President.

In the last block panchayat election, Dennis was first given a seat and symbol by the Congress in the Elinjipra block division. However, after the group fight, Dennis withdrew and fielded another candidate. Congress Koratti constituency president Davis Moolan is another leader who has joined the Kerala Congress. Davis Mullen resigned as constituency president weeks ago. He said that he was switching to the Kerala Congress because he could not go with the group war. Pariyaram Constituency Congress Secretary Saju Thomas, Koratti Constituency Vice President BT Raju, Constituency Ex. Member Baby Kallukkaran and others resigned. She said more people will be leaving the Congress in the coming days.


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