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Indian black money in Swiss bank increased three times, Congress told ‘Modinomics’, sought response from government

He said that we are talking about 2020, this is the year where the income of 97 percent of the people of the country has decreased. During this year, the money of Indians in Swiss banks has increased, there has been an increase of 286 percent from the year 2019. According to Swiss bank data, the liability towards Indians in 2019 was 892 million Swiss francs. It has increased from 2,553 million Swiss francs i.e. 7,200 crore Indian rupees to 20,706 crore rupees in 2020.

Gaurav Ballabh said that we want to ask the government that who are the people in this, whose money is this, how much money did you bring in 7 years. Why is the Modi government not disclosing the names of those who deposited their money in Swiss banks last year? Where 97 percent of Indians become more poor, then who are these people who are looking for ‘opportunity in disaster’? After forming the government on the basis of big promises in 2014, what efforts did the Modi government make to bring back black money and how much black money was brought back in the last 7 years and from which country? What measures did the Modi government take to stop the hiding of black money in foreign accounts?


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