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‘Italian Orchestra’

The figures are as follows:

He has not lost in 29 matches. 80 goals scored in the opponents’ net. He has scored 59 goals in his last 19 games. Granted: Three.
He has not conceded a goal in the last ten games. Beaten ‌ 31 goals. Played 2021, seven games, seven wins. Goal scored 31. Two games, two wins and six goals in Euros. The first team to secure the pre-quarter. The figures are accurate‌. This is another face of Italy.

For so long Italy has been just a name – defense. They walled up in their own goal area, breaking through the onslaught of counter-attacks and manipulating their rhythm. He ended it all with a goal in counterattack, retreated and guarded his own tent. Italy was rocked when the talents in that column left the stage. Returned to the first round of the 2014 World Cup. In 2018, viewers only.


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