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Jagannath Dev’s bathing festival is celebrated in Puri without devotees News8Plus

Own representative: The bathing festival of Jagannath Devi was celebrated in Puri without the presence of devotees. Today, the bathing festival has been held as per the custom on Thursday. The ceremony was held in the presence of a handful of ministers. Mother’s bath was also celebrated in Kalighat on this day. The full moon day of the bathing year is celebrated in Puri. On this day the idols of Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra were bathed with 108 jugs of water. Before that the idols were brought from the gem throne to the bathing altar. The king himself cleaned the altar with a gold broom. But this time the king did not sweep because one of the royal servants was infected with corona. Gave one of his representatives. The idols are anointed with ghee, honey and essential oils before bathing. After that there is a bathing festival. Every year people come from different parts of the country to visit the bath of Srivigraha. Due to Corona, last year also the bathing procession was celebrated without the gathering of devotees. The bathing festival has also been celebrated at the Dakshinakali temple at Kalighat. This morning, after Mangalarati, the fallen body of the goddess is bathed with ghee, essential oil and Ganga water. The fallen body of the goddess was later wrapped in Benaresi. The devotees have been deprived of this very rare sight. Not only the bathing procession, but also the Jagannath temple in Puri will be celebrated without the devotees. According to administration sources, only a few selected sevayetas will join the rath yatra festival. Not the fans, this time Nath of the world will go to his aunt’s house in the chariot pulled by the devotees. .

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