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Know, the main reasons for Didi’s victory in Bengal.

Kolkata Despite throwing all its might to victory in the Bengal Assembly elections, the BJP could not achieve the goal of ousting the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) from power. According to analysts, Trinamool got the direct benefit of Mamata Banerjee’s flamboyant image, Bengali identity, women and minorities’ big inclination towards TMC.

In fact, the Trinamool tried to polarize the Hindu vote of the BJP, to cut ‘Bengal should want her daughter’s slogan and drew women voters largely in her court. Mamta fielded 50 women candidates this time under the same strategy. Simultaneously, by cashing in on the issue of direct attack on Mamata Banerjee by BJP leaders coming from other states, TMC played the role of local versus outsider, raising the factor of Bangla culture, Bangla language and Bengali identity everywhere.

Here, the BJP had neither the face of the Chief Minister nor any flamboyant women leader who could answer Mamata in his style. Mamta, who was single-handedly contesting the BJP’s heavy electoral machinery, was also injured during the election campaign in Nandigram. The manner in which Mamata Banerjee campaigned relentlessly from the wheel chair despite the injury and launched an aggressive attack against the BJP leadership, led to the image that the injured lioness was holding the front much more firmly. In such a situation, the sympathy factor also went in his favor.

Secondly, during the election campaign, the direct attack on Mamata Banerjee by big central leaders like PM Modi, Amit Shah also became sympathy for her. Didi o didi, May 2 – Didi went, Didi’s scooty fell in Nandigram like statements backfired on BJP. Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s Bermuda statement for Mamta also did not get a good message among women. TMC left no stone unturned to capitalize on these statements. The sympathy card worked and it went in Mamta’s favor. As a result of this, for the third time in a row, Mamata has achieved success after occupying the power of Bengal.


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