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Kovid: Caution is needed in asthma patients

Dr. Shalini Babyzone

Kochi> With the Kovid epidemic announcing its second coming with all its horrors, it is noteworthy that another asthma day The question of how to covid in asthma patients is very relevant in this period.
Asthma is a lung disease that affects 262 million people worldwide. According to global estimates, one in ten asthma patients worldwide is from India. These are just the numbers of patients who have been diagnosed. It is unknown how many times the number of asthma patients in our country is even higher than this. Covid’s studies of the risk and side effects of Covid in asthma have been ongoing since its inception.

Covid and asthma according to studies
Studies so far have shown that asthma is not a factor in the development of Kovid. Asthma sufferers are just as likely to develop Kovid as a healthy human being. However, patients with moderate to severe asthma cannot rule out the possibility of developing a complication with Kovid disease.

Whether or not asthma patients should continue treatment
Another common concern is whether asthma patients who use drugs such as steroids should stop taking them. Doubts about whether drugs such as steroids can cause Kovid infections are often heard from patients. The answer is very simple. Do not stop your medication for any reason. The most important thing is to keep asthma under control. See your doctor regularly and adjust your medication.

Can asthma patients get the Kovid vaccine?
Another important question is whether a person with asthma can get the Kovid vaccine. Definitely worth taking. An asthma patient is just as likely to develop an allergy after taking the Kovid vaccine as any other person. Fever, headache and body aches can be expected up to three days after taking the vaccine.

What asthma sufferers should watch out for against Kovid
1. Fear must be put aside and vigilance must be exercised
2. Do not forget to wear a mask
3. Always wash your hands and use a sanitizer
4. It is better to wear gloves.
5. Social distance must be maintained
6. Care should be taken not to use machines such as the common nebulizer. Buy and use your own nebulizer at home.
7. Do not hesitate to perform Kovid test if you notice symptoms of fever, sore throat and shortness of breath.
8. Make sure you keep your asthma at bay by using the right medications.

If an asthma patient is affected by Kovid
* Make sure you have Kovid disease first
* If you experience shortness of breath, report it to the nearest health facility
* Contact your regular doctor on the phone and arrange for asthma-related medications.
* Buy a pulsoxy meter at home and make sure your saturation is above 94% every two to four hours. If it is less than 94% or you experience shortness of breath, be sure to be admitted to the nearest hospital immediately.

-Dr. Shalini Baby John (Author is a Physician, General Medicine, Kochi Rajagiri Hospital)

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