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LDF vote not leaked in Taliparamba: MV Govindan

In the Taliparamba constituency, there was no leakage of LDF votes, said MV Govindan, the appointed MLA and CPI (M) central committee member. On the day of the announcement of the results, the ambiguity regarding the LDF lead in the constituency was due to the Election Commission’s grip. Taking advantage of this, some media outlets were spreading rumors of vote rigging and backlash.

Normally the votes should be uploaded after each round of counting. In Taliparamba, it was recorded only till 11 pm. Then there was the lead of over two thousand votes. That lead, including the visual media, was on display. In the afternoon, the LDF vote in Taliparamba was flooded and some channels spread lies and discussion that it was due to a dispute within the party. In the evening, the majority corrected to 17,000 when LDF activists called the channels and asked them to broadcast the correct lead level. Again the majority of the increased commission sites or news channels were not updated.

In Taliparamba, the LDF has a majority of 22,689 votes. In the Antur municipality, there was a false propaganda that the LDF had retreated. Antur alone has a lead of 12,511 votes. Nowhere has the LDF gone backwards from the calculated majority. Some campaign that this time there was no majority of more than 40,000 votes in the last election. In 2016, he was the representative of the UDF candidate community organization Nambiar Mahasabha. One-third of UDF voters did not go to the polls. In this election, there was a fierce political struggle. The UDF was operating in a manner that created communal polarization. The Muslim League took the helm. Still, he won a majority of 22,689 votes in the last Lok Sabha election, trailing by about 800 votes. MV Govindan said the LDF’s 92,870 votes in Taliparamba this time was the best ever.

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