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LGS List: Action to Report Vacancies upto August 4 as PSC Expected Vacancies – Discussion Decisions

Thiruvananthapuram: The discussion with the employees and the government who went on strike in front of the secretariat is over. Last grade candidates responded that they were ready to end the strike in the context of the government accepting the demands. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, Minister AK Balan held discussions with the candidates.

From the rank list of LGS posts ending August 4, 2021
Vacancies to be filled up to that day through Spark system
Reported to PSC as Anticipated Vacancies
The government has said it will take steps to do so.

Eligible for LGS jobs in Government Departments
Vacancies in LGS posts due to promotion
Steps will be taken to report to PSC immediately.

To higher posts due to court proceedings or administrative impediments
Vacancies in the entry cadre will be reported to the PSC by granting Provisional promotion to those posts in case of impediment to promotion.

A committee headed by the GAD Secretary will be formed to look into the matter. The minister said the government was actively considering increasing the night watchmen duty time to eight hours.

In the case of CPO rank holders, up to 31.12.2021, 1200 expected vacancies have been reported to PSC. Defects in the assessment or reporting of vacancies will also be rectified. He said all follow-up action on the basis of this discussion would be subject to the approval of the Election Commission.

Praveen Kumar KS, Laya VJ, Riju KK, Vishnu S, Vishnu M and Shias PM participated in the discussion on behalf of the candidates.

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