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Lungibahini grassroots shelter is not leaving women! Without the family houses of many BJP workers

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Since the news of Mamata Banerjee’s victory came to light, the Lungi Bahini and the extremists have started harassing them. A woman named Shovarani Mandal was killed while trying to save her son. In many places, Lungi forces are breaking into houses and beating BJP workers. The situation is such that many on social media have called for the imposition of presidential rule. Many have appealed to the Home Minister to save the BJP workers.

BJP leader Swapan Dasgupta said he was getting phone calls from one worker after another. Where they are talking about attacking them. Swapnan Dasgupta said he is feeling helpless now. The BJP leader said about 1,000 Hindu families in Nanur in Birbhum had fled their homes for fear of the Lungi Bahini.

There have been allegations of selective burning of Hindu shops. A grassroots activist’s shop and ashes have been burnt to ashes by the jihadists.

That video has gone viral on social media. There have been reports of attacks on BJP women in Kendamari village in Nandigram and women BJP workers in Nanur.

Tribal houses in Aushagram have been vandalized and set on fire. So that many Hindu families without villages. The media is completely silent about such unrest across the state. It has been alleged that most of the media is silent on the greed of government advertisements.

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