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Mamata-method is the plan to dethrone Yogi Adityanath, this time in Uttar Pradesh ‘May Khela Hoi’. News8Plus

Mahanagar Desk: Akhilesh Yadav is plotting to make a bet in the manner of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Even in the Uttar Pradesh polls, the slogan ‘Khela bhaye’ has been chanted. But the pronunciation is a little different. ‘Let’s play’ instead of ‘play’. Mamata’s victory in the Assembly elections is very significant. He has proved that the BJP can be stopped without an alliance partner. Akhilesh Yadav is also on the same path this time. He will fight alone without the help of any other party. Elections in Uttar Pradesh in 2022. Before that, the bell rang for the vote. Gerua Shibir has started preparations for the elections. The Samajwadi Party has also started preparations to heal. The slogan ‘Khela Hoi’ was used as a tool. The song was made. Football could be seen in the hands of Mamata Banerjee in the election campaign meeting. The slogan seemed to blend in with the leader’s bandaged legs. Akhilesh Yadav’s party made a good call in the panchayat election. Therefore, the Samajwadi Party does not want to make any mistake in the preparations for occupying the assembly in 2022. A poster with the slogan ‘Ab UP May Khela Hoi’ has been read in Kanpur. SP leader Imran said, “We have spread this slogan hoarding in Kanpur city. Because the game will start from here. ”The Samajwadi Party’s overall relationship with the Trinamool was understood to be good in the Assembly election campaign. SP’s star leader Jaya Bachchan started campaigning on behalf of the candidates of Ghasful Shibir. His team wore a familiar red hat on his head. The general public was excited to see Jaya Bachchan. So he understood the situation and stayed in Bengal for some time. .

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