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Modi government should not sell Govardhan Parvat somewhere, Priyanka Gandhi attacked BJP in Mathura Kisan Panchayat

Priyanka Gandhi further said, “Today the BJP government has also raised arrogance for the farmers who have sent their sons to martyr on the border of the country. For 90 days, the farmers have been fighting for their rights. 215 farmers The martyrs were killed. The government cut off electricity, shut down the water, tortured them. But they were not heard. The prime minister who roamed the world could not reach the borders of Delhi to talk to the farmers. “

Congress General Secretary reading a poem by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar said that when the destroyer is an umbrella on man, first Vivek dies. Priyanka said that PM is arrogant and Lord Shri Krishna will break his ego. Lashing out at the PM, he said that he bought two airplanes at a cost of around Rs 16,000 crore, but did not pay the 15,000 crore dues of the sugarcane farmers.

Priyanka Gandhi said that “PM Modi is anti-farmer, farmers were not even asked when making the law. This agricultural law has been made by the note farmers. This law is made for them only. These agricultural laws have been made for the billionaires. “Priyanka said that PM Modi does not know what hostility Modi has with farmers even in Parliament. His ministers call farmers terrorists, when Rahul Gandhi in Parliament The government did not participate in silence.

Priyanka Gandhi, while declaring to stand with the farmers at every step, said that as long as the farmers keep fighting, the Congress party will join them in every sorrow and every pain. As soon as the Congress government comes, these laws will be repealed first. This government will also hear the voice of Lord Krishna. What the public says is correct.


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