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Naresh Tikait, who reached Ayodhya amid farmer agitation, said – the government is not listening, will plead with Ramlala

Naresh Tikait, the national president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, visited Ramlala in Ayodhya on Thursday. On this occasion, he said that our fight is to save land and if there is no hearing in the government, then we have come to plead with Ramlala. He pleaded with Ramlala to give goodwill to the central government. Earlier, he also bowed in Hanumangarhi.

After seeing Ramlala, he said, “We are also Suryavanshis. Ramlala is our ancestor. His temple is being built. It is a great pleasure. It is great to come here. We have come to plead with Ramlala.” He said that the agitation against agricultural laws has been three months, three days, but the government is deliberately prolonging the tax issue, so that the movement is affected and the agitators go back tired and we will stand. “

He said, “We are not getting a chance to rise from the agitation. Without fulfilling the demand, how shall we go among the farmers. On our call, old and old farmers participated in the agitation day and night. How can we leave them?” What answer will we give to the farmers who are with us. If the Supreme Court wants to raise it, the farmer should negotiate with the United Front. The Government should do the same if there is a need to amend the agricultural laws. The conversation has been in the right way. Milk should be milk and water of water. “

Naresh Tikaut said, “The construction of the Ram temple is going on here. We will also cooperate in this. The government is not listening to us, so now Ramlala will listen. They got votes in the name of Ram. The government formed. We too If Lord Ram is there, why are these people not listening to us? The government should talk to us honestly. Referring to his future programs, Tikait said, “We will also go to West Bengal and tell people to vote for anyone but not BJP. There is a difference between their words and actions.”

The leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union said that the BJP government is opposed to the farmers and workers. He said that the impact of farmers’ opposition in Uttar Pradesh Panchayat elections will be visible.
Tikait said, “This movement is becoming nationwide. We are not supporters of any party. The farmers’ organization is apolitical, but we will also go to other states with assembly elections including Bengal and open the raw thread of BJP governments among the public . “


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