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New Market, Bagri Market and Gariahat in the grip of loss of crores.

No relief to shopkeepers due to lack of transport
NewsDesk Correspondent
Kolkata : The City of Joy i.e. Kolkata’s most famous markets, New Market, Gariaghat, Bagri Market, are not seeing the glory of the earlier days. What was once buzzing with customers, there is still silence. Where there used to be noise of vehicles, gathering of people, hustle and bustle of shopping and shopping, these days there is silence. The business organizations here say that we are facing the loss of crores directly in direct. Actually, a lockdown-like strictness is going on in the state since May 16. Although the government has given permission to open the shops of sarees from 12 to 3 pm, but due to lack of transport, neither the customers are coming nor the shopkeepers are getting any benefit by opening the shop.
There is a slowdown in the market in New
Joint Traders Federation secretary Rajiv Singh told NewsDesk that there are about 5000 shops including New Market and surrounding market. Staff is unable to come due to lack of transport. The market is a bummer. Calling all the staff by train for a few hours is not possible. There was a little income before Eid, due to which everyone’s house ran for a month, but once again the market has dominated. New Market is on the loss side of around Rs.
Only 25% shops are opening in Bagri market
There are a little more than 1000 number of shops, warehouses and offices in Bagri Market, but these days there is a relaxation of 3 hours to open retail shops but are not feeling relief from it. Except medicine shops, only 25% shops are opening here. Ashutosh Singh, president of Bagri Market Central Kolkata Traders Welfare Association, said that the transport is closed, so customers are not coming. Three hours is being spent in opening and closing the shop. It is also becoming difficult to estimate how much damage is being done. Suffering loss of crores.
No relief by opening shop for 3 hours
Similarly, the condition of Gariaghat market is also there. Sari shops are allowed to open for three hours, but due to lack of transport, customers are not seen here as before. At the same time, most of the shops remain closed.


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