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Nikhil Jain made a big statement after Nusrat Jahan’s allegations, said- We lived together as husband and wife …

Famous Bengali actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan has issued a statement after making allegations and declaring her marriage illegal. Nikhil Jain said that he had requested Nusrat to register the marriage many times but Nusrat ignored it time and again. Earlier, in a statement released on June 9, Nusrat Jahan had announced her separation from Nikhil Jain and said that their marriage is not legal. Nusrat and Nikhil got married on 19 June 2019 in Turkey. Nikhil Jain said that Nusrat started changing her behavior from August 2020 when she was shooting for a film. He said, “Saddened by the allegations against me and my family as well as my married life, I felt it necessary to bring out some facts. He has made his facts public through 9 points.

1- After falling in love, I proposed Nusrat for marriage, which she gladly accepted. And then we went to Bodrum, Turkey in June 2019 for a destination wedding. Later the reception took place in Kolkata.

2- We live together as husband and wife and present ourselves as married couples in the society. I spent all my time and resources as a dependable and accountable husband. Friends, family and those close to us know everything about what I have done to him. My unconditional help for this has been undeniable. However, after a short time, he changed his attitude towards marriage with me.

3- From August 2020, ever since I shot a film, my wife’s behavior towards me started changing. The reason for this would be well known to him.

4- Staying together, I requested him to register the marriage many times, but he ignored.

On 5-5 November 2020, she left with her personal belongings, bag, papers and documents and shifted to her Ballygunge flat. After that we never lived together as husband and wife. The rest of his personal belongings and papers were also sent after some time.

6- I was saddened to read about her aunt in different media reports and felt cheated. Then, on March 8, 2021, I filed a civil suit in the Alipore Court to annul my marriage.

7- Since the matter is pending in the court, I was avoiding giving statement about my personal life and even today I am not able to elaborate on it. But his recent statements forced me to put forth some facts.

8- After marriage, I sent money from my family account to their account to reduce the interest burden on home loan. This was done with the idea that when the money came to her, she would return it to the establishment. Whatever money he sends to my family’s account, that is what happens. There is still some money left to pay. The allegations leveled by him are baseless, derogatory and beyond truth. No one needs to prove the truth, my bank statements and credit card statements are a lot of evidence. My family had adopted her as a daughter, not knowing that we would see such a day.

9- I urge the media not to comment on his personal life and the matter under the court.


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