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No train for season ticket holders; Passengers want trains without reservations to be restored

Passengers will be relieved and worried when the distribution of season tickets, which was halted due to the Kovid terror, resumes on Monday. Season ticket holders are concerned about the lack of trains with travel reservations. Only three trains, including the MEMU, have unreserved compartments. The same is not true for travelers in Malabar.

Season ticket distribution has been suspended for over a year. When train services were restored after the lockdown, all trains ran as express special trains. You can only travel on this reservation.

The Kannur-Coimbatore FAST passenger, which is highly relied upon by travelers in Malabar, has been running since last month. That too as an express. It also charges high rates. The minimum fare on Express is Rs. 30. The reservation charge is Rs. 45. This is the fare from the counter at the railway station. Tickets can be purchased online for 61.

Season ticket holders will not be able to travel on the Parasuram Express, another major route for passengers. Passengers demand that unreserved compartments be restored when season ticket distribution begins.

Kannur-Ernakulam (06308), Kannur-Coimbatore (06607) and Mangalore-Nagercoil Parasuram trains will be unreserved immediately. At the same time, passenger trains should be resumed. The only relief is that the Shornur-Kannur memu train will start from 16. The neglect of railways in Kerala is due to the introduction of season tickets and more facilities for passengers in neighboring states.

Delayed routine
The Kannur-Coimbatore train is running late every day, trapping passengers. The train to Kozhikode at 7.59 am is also delayed daily. Arriving every day about an hour late. The return journey is also delayed by more than an hour‌. The train is scheduled to arrive at 6.10 pm and arrive at 7.30 pm. People who have to get off the train and go by bus are worried about this.

Train journey emptying the pocket
Expenditure on train tickets for train passengers is huge. The monthly season ticket from Koyilandy to Thirunavaya is Rs. 240. Normal tickets stopped when the train started running after the lockdown. Reservation ticket price is Rs 120 per day only. When you buy a ticket online, it costs Rs 150. Most travelers use the online facility. The pockets of those who travel every day will be empty. Passengers say the cost is huge every month and low-wage workers are struggling.

Season tickets from today; MEMU service will also be launched
Train season ticket sales, which were halted due to Kovid, will resume on Monday. Season tickets can only be used on unreserved trains currently in service. As more unreserved trains will be allowed, such trains will also be allowed. With the approval of the Railway Board, more MEMU trains will start from Monday.

Memu service will be started on Kollam-Alappuzha, Alappuzha-Ernakulam and Ernakulam-Shornur routes. These trains can be used with unreserved tickets. Season tickets can be availed on these MEMU trains and on the Punalur-Guruvayur-Punalur (06327/06328) Express starting on the 17th. Train No. 06328 Guruvayur-Punalur Daily Express will leave Guruvayur at 5.45 am and 06327 Punalur-Guruvayur at 6.25 pm respectively.

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