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Now labs will not be able to charge extra for the test

InternetDesk Correspondent
Kolkata The state government has fixed PPE kit for treatment of Corona as well as daily fees of doctors. It was stated that a maximum of 1000 rupees can be charged daily for the other safety of the patient including PPE. Apart from this, it was said that the daily fees of doctors will be Rs 1000 in the hospital. Apart from this, there was a directive that rent of private hospital beds should be taken as before. In this, Justice Asim Kumar Banerjee, chairman of the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission, said that hospitals would not be able to charge more than Rs 1,000 a day for bed rent. Apart from this, if you have to go to the doctor more than once for critical care, then you can take an additional Rs 1000, plus the hospital will have to give a discount of 10 percent on all medicines and other tests of the patient.
A list of all its expenses, bed rent and other expenses should be displayed on the display board in front of each hospital. Again in more than one place, so that it is easy to see. However, there are still many allegations of additional bills being levied on private hospitals. In such a situation, the Health Commission has once again issued orders to the Laboratory not to charge more for other tests including RT-PCR test. If there is a cost of transportation, then it should be taken as 15 rupees per kilometer. An order has been issued not to take more money lab than this. Justice Aseem Kumar Banerjee said that the lab has been cautioned not to levy additional charges.


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