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NS Madhavan to give oxygen to BJP?

Kozhikode> Writer NS Madhavan says newspapers and visual media should not give undue prominence to the BJP, which does not have a single seat in the Kerala Assembly elections. He tweeted that 87.6 per cent Malayalees are the only channels that give a third of the time to the BJP, which has no seats, and that it is their oxygen now and wants to save the nights of the Malayalees.

At present, 87.6 per cent of the Malayalees, due to fear of the central agencies or congenital stupidity, are the only channels that give a third of the time to the BJP, which has no single seat. They should also understand that this will bring down the TRP and lock down the channel.

Hundreds of independent YouTube news channels are challenging North Indian wheat channels that sell fake narratives. Digital media is gaining strength in Malayalam too. Our channel’s viewership is coming to an end with only advertisements.

On the morning of election day, Madhavan pointed out on Twitter that what Sukumaran Nair (NSS General Secretary) had demanded was not a change of government but a change of caste. One of the reasons for the UDF’s collapse in South Kerala is that all the rice – eating voters in South Kerala have rejected casteism.

Those who tell the story that Murali won Shivankutty Nemtu because of Murali, have forgotten that Murali was a double-edged sword. He could have won Kummanam by splitting the minority vote. Madhavan tweeted that this did not happen due to the vigilance of the voters


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